Views of my city

“Views of my city” : photo exhibition from the students of the French school of Sulaymaniyah.


Imagine that every time someone talks about your country and your land, they feel scared and frightened by it … Imagine that people think you live in a devastated land, in the middle of bombs and bloodthirsty terrorrists… How would you feel?


The students of the French school of Sulaymaniyah are very eager to show you where they are growing up. They are proud of their city, their region, and invite you to discover it through their photos.


We were very pleased by their motivation to participate in this project “Views of my city”. Even the smallest ones have been mobilized and you will see that they know very well how to use smartphones and tablets to take pictures. Everyone was very happy to have at their disposal a platform to reveal their reality of every day. Their truth.


So thank you for helping them to advertise their city and their region by sharing with your friends these wonderful photos!


Florence Didiot, headmaster of the school

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