French teachers

The school is proud to have valid teachers, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching.
Happy to live in Kurdistan, they bring their experience and expertise to educate students optimally, so they can grow and succeed in a rich bicultural environment and respectful.

Marc Pruvost

Pedagogical Director and CM1-CM2 Teacher

My name is Marc and I'm the educational director of the school. I am very happy to work with a team of competent teachers, and I am very satisfied with the contact we have established with our students. Kurdistan?
LOVE !!!

Alexis Gatera

CE1 CE2 teacher

Since my arrival at the French Ecole Danielle Mitterrand Sulaymaniyah , I never cease to be surprised. What desire of children to learn! What a joy to work with a great team!

Jean-François Bednarski

CP teacher

``We only see with the heart.`` is the motto that I share with my students of CP!

Catherine Gatera

CE1 teacher

Teaching in Kurdistan, it's fabulous because we have mostly students who are motivated , who want to learn, grow and fill gaps. Teaching in Kurdistan, it's fabulous because the team is attentive , professional and accessible.

Christian Greiling

French and History-Geography Teacher and Head of the School of Language for Adults

Moving from Asia to Latin America for fifteen years, I decided to stop halfway to breathe the good Kurdish air and be in contact with its wonderful inhabitants.
Teaching is a joy, particularly here.

Samuel Raibon

GS teacher

Hello, I'm Mamosta Samuel, and in my class, we already learned to read and write. I am very happy to discover the Kurdistan and teach Kurdish students.

Ludivine Rousseau

MS1 teacher

I am Mamosta Ludi and I love making modelling clay figures with the Moyenne Section students… Teaching French in Kurdistan is great !!!

Umut Halisdemir

Maths / FLE teacher

I dreamed to settle in Kurdistan to teach in a French school, and my dream came true. I am happy to put my experience to my students!

Elisabeth Yomkil

English Teacher and high school coach

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am an English teacher and CNED tutor. I am delighted to work and live in Kurdistan, which was once unknown to me. And this is happiness.

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