Kindergarten is the first step in the schooling of your child. It helps to prepare the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, but also in social life. Taking to heart the decisive role of that moment about the schooling your child, we are here to make him want to learn and allow it to fully develop.

There are 3 levels in kindergarten: Petite Section (PS) for 3 years old children, Moyenne Section (MS) for 4 years old children, Grande Section (GS) for 5 years old children. In kindergarten, an early learning in French, produced under optimal conditions of language immersion, brings remarkable benefits both linguistically and cognitively. An early start of the expression, while developing listening and speaking, is heavily favoured. Students live in a stimulating environment through interaction with other children through play. They develop their independence, self-confidence and respect for themselves and others.

The teaching team is composed of French teachers constantly aided by an assistant kindergarten in small classes.

Primary school

The overall aim of primary school is to ensure the learning and acquisition of the basic skills and knowledge, especially in reading, speaking and writing and arithmetic. Schooling in primary school includes 5 different levels (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2). It is organized in three cycles, two of them are part of the primary school: CP (Cours préparatoire) and CE 1 (Cours Élémentaire 1) which form the Cycle 2 with the Kindergarten, and the basic learning cycle, CE2, CM1 and CM2 (Cours Moyen 1 and 2), which constitute the cycle 3, the cycle of deepening of knowledge.

The objectives of the CP and CE1:

  • learning to read
  • writing the French language
  • knowledge and understanding of numbers
  • writing numbers (decimal notation)
  • calculation of small quantities

In continuation of the first years of primary school, the higher priority of the CE 2 and C.M.:

  • mastery of the French language
  • the main elements of mathematics
  • students are prepared to go to college, with teachings from different disciplines.

During the courses from CP to CM2, the child must acquire the basic instruments of knowledge. The French and mathematics are important, but also Kurdish, Arabic, English, music, arts and even gardening!

High school

The high school of the French School of Sulaymānīyah provides to all students the knowledge and skills making the foundation of a true general education. It offers to all student pathways of success and provides answers to their challenges.

The high school is organized in three cycles:

  • 6e or adaptation cycle. For the student, this is a breakthrough moment with his childhood in the primary school, which requires special attention. The 6e is an adaptation and observation course, the basis of secondary education. The general objectives of this cycle are as follows:
    • Reinforcing the knowledge acquired at primary school,
    • Introducing students to subjects and methods of secondary education,
    • Improving the mastery of language and education for citizenship,
    • Helping the student to find his place in the school community and gain a better understanding of themselves.
  • 5ème and 4ème or central cycle. This cycle is an important period of change for the pre-teenager. The presence of teachers who respect this change is essential. The objectives of this cycle are:
    • Enriching the progress of the student by optional extras,
    • Paying attention to academic difficulties of each student,
    • Promoting self-knowledge,
    • Showing the student an approach to social and economic environment of the surrounding world.
  • 3ème or orientation cycle. The student enters adolescence and starts developing his personal project. The purpose of this class is preparing for entry into 2e course. The main objectives of this section are:
    • Completing the acquisitions of students so that they can access training which follow the high school,
    • To help students make their first informed choices and adapted to their abilities, interests and aspirations.

We support the progress of your child. Through our partnership with the CNED, a French public establishment of the Ministry of Education, your child will receive a high quality education.

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