The artistic, cultural and sports education is essential for a successful education. In our school, it is organized in several areas:

Teaching History of Arts

This teaching applies to all students from primary to high school. It allows students to acquire knowledge and benchmarks on all the arts of the common culture, including its scientific and technological dimension.

  • Developing artistic and cultural practices in school. It relies primarily on artistic studies enrolled in school time. The flexible hours in classes at primary school and college, offers to voluntary and motivated students an enhanced artistic education.
  • Meeting professionals. In order to become familiar with the artists and the world of work, the school invites artists (musicians, singers, painters, actors, etc.) and professionals (police, drivers, etc.) to share their experience, their passion and their expertise for the students. At each meeting, the children will have the opportunity to ask questions to the guests, and they also learn to express their ideas and make public speaking.

Discovering Cinema

In order to develop a film culture and an education in the visual image, films shows are regularly offered in the conference room, as well as projection of documentaries or suitable programme in each class.

Playing sports

Playing sports at school facilitate compliance with ethics and its educational and humanitarian values. It plays a major role in young people’s access to sport and gives a meaning to “living together” and learning community life. It contributes to health education by allowing students to learn about their bodies, and education to safety by a controlled risk-taking. It teaches responsibility and autonomy, the students can access to the moral and social values, such as respect for rules, respect for oneself and others. To do this, the school has a sports field with the facilities provided to practice the most popular sports like football, basketball, among others. Also, the school has a ping-pong table and a room for motor skill activities for pre-school, learning to coordinate their movements and to feel good about their bodies through different exercises adapted to their age.

Kurdistan is a region with great lakes, so we decided that our students, for security reasons, had to learn to swim. Every year in spring, starting from CE1 course, students take swimming lessons at the Olympic Centre of Sulaymānīyah, supervised by their sports teacher and qualified parents.

Recreation centre

Education is a big part of the lives of children, so it does not always allow them to practice sports or arts as much as they would like. Some of them need to spend their energy in a physical activity, others wish to practice creative activities. For parents, it is often a real headache to organize this: how to choose? How to provide the maximum opportunities to the child? This is why the French School of DM Sulaymānīyah opens its recreation centre every summer, where children have access to various activities taught by professionals in a secure part of the school. For younger children (from 3 until 7 years old) the aim is essentially to introduce them to music, drawing, painting, dance, and various sports. Because of heat, we also have a small inflatable pool where the children can take a dip and discover the joys of swimming.

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