Whether your family is French speaking or not, our mission is to allow your child to immerse themselves in a unique and very educative multicultural environment, where different students coming from varied backgrounds can learn, grow and be prepared to succeed in a constantly changing world.

The French school of Sulaymānīyah: access to a different education

Located in the heart of Rizgari district, the French school of DM Sulaymānīyah offers a trilingual education (French / English / Kurdish) from the pre-kindergarten (from 3 years) to baccalaureate (national examination of the French National Education) in a multicultural environment. At CM1, students also begin learning the Arabic language. Active teaching and the means implemented allows each student to develop early creativity, independence of mind and his future citizen responsibility. The education provided by the institution is accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, and goes from kindergarten (Petite Section) to the baccalaureate according to the French education system. The school has also additional programs provided by the Ministry of Education of Kurdistan, particularly in the following languages (Kurdish, English and Arabic), civic education, as well as History and Geography. Due to the importance of English, classes are given every day, and this, from 3 years old. One of the school’s goals is that students could speak English, Kurdish, Arabic and French course at the end of his schooling.

School Project

A school project sets the objectives, means and evaluation procedures of animation actions implemented to promote the success of all students. A key instrument, it is developed by all members, teachers, technical staff, parents and student representatives. The French school of Sulaymānīyah has chosen as school project: Understanding and learning by action. The directive of the Framework Law of 1989 “The student is the target of the education system” is still relevant. The purpose of our school is to allow each student to build their knowledge, savoir-faire and fully develop themselves in a supporting environment. To do so, the teaching team is committed to a learning process where the student is not a passive player and listener. Whenever possible, the student is invited to formulate hypotheses, to build a validation process, to adopt a scientific approach and to draw conclusions from its approach. Thus he built his knowledge and savoir-faire.

A multilingual education

Children who speak several languages have a broader and independent reasoning capacities of words, which gives them an advantage in building concepts and problem solving. They understand very early that there is more than one way to express themselves and they often have some ability to learn to read because they are accustomed to different systems for expression. Multilingual children have also greater communicative sensitivity. They react more quickly in situations of communication because they are used to deciding quickly which language should be used in a given situation. They are also more inclined to discover other cultures. Multilingual children have intellectual advantages assured: more mental flexibility, more creativity, more originality in their thinking. They can find more easily a lot of answers to a question or problem.

So, these languages – French, Kurdish, English, Arabic – will always be promoted in our school. Connected with today’s world, we recognize the value of the mastery of these languages gives to your child. Thus, students from 3 years old have English lessons and Kurdish, four days a week. The teaching of the Arabic language starts in CM1. At the end of their schooling, students will speak four languages: French, English, Kurdish and Arabic. So they will have more opportunities in their career, because in time of globalization, they have a huge advantage over monolingual people.

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