Practical informations

Horaires : The School is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 8h to 15h, and Thursday from 8h to 13h.

Canteen : A hot, nutritious and tasty meal served to children and staff every day. Food is provided by an excellent local caterer called Restaurant Amna Suraka that uses only the freshest products.

These meals consist of meat, rice, wheat, vegetables and salads. A balanced dessert is proposed to children, such as fruit or yogurt. The price of a meal is 3,000 IQD. At end of each month, parents will buy a book of 20 tickets at Restaurant Amna Suraka (3,000 IQD tickets x 20 = 60,000 IQD).

The books will be managed by the class teacher, who will give to the restaurateur the tickets corresponding to students present that day. In case of absence, the meals will not be counted and the ticket will not be given to restaurateur.

The canteen is MANDATORY, except contraindication of a doctor. In this case, parents must present a valid medical certificate.

Health: The infirmary is open daily. Students can go between classes or during recess. They will be attended by Mr. Zana Saeed, a state-registered nurse. Each visit at the infirmary will be communicated to the administration. If necessary, parents will be contacted by telephone. The infirmary is a place where students can come to express and talk about health and hygiene (sleep, food etc.) or about small daily problems in relation to the other, or themselves.

Transport : Given that students come from several points of the city, usually far away from each other, the school has organized a group of parents per district. Thus, parents have organized a transport system that allows the children a journey less than 30 minutes. For more information, contact the Administration.

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